Start each new tab with San Antonio Spurs most gorgeous pictures!

I love San Antonio Spurs!

For fans, like me, I created this great Chrome San Antonio Spurs extension: San Antonio Spurs New Tab.

– each tab a new San Antonio Spurs image. Awesome daily variation 🙂
– Google search for easy navigation.
– Super easy mouse-over navigation over weather and time.
– Nice settings, that allows you to add/remove/edit features. Play with them 🙂

Now, if you have any comments, suggestion, complain, please drop me a line and I’ll do it. Hope you’ll like it 🙂

(If you like it, please give it a 5*! Thanks)

Here’s some reviews I got:
I’m not one that normally rates or comments on extensions or apps, but I had to on this one! I love it!
Doesn’t get in the way at all and cute wallpapers to top it off! Great job! – Kat Conedera
-5 star

This extension is probably one of the better ones I have found on the Chrome store.
It’s actually exciting to open up a new tab and wonder what wallpaper you’ll see.
This extension definitely is worthy of a five-star review! – Audrey
-5 star

I loved it!!!!!! I usually don’t like things like this because they get annoying, but this one is an exception – Mabel Avery
-5 star

To uninstall it, go to toolbar, type chrome://extensions, scroll down and uninstall it.